Abigail, a father’s joy

August 22, 2013 — 6 Comments


This morning in Baltimore was beautiful, much like it was twenty years ago when our daughter Abigail was born.

I slept well the night before, not realizing that Kathy had been up for hours in early labor. She woke me with the suggestion that perhaps we should think about driving to the hospital. A minute later her water broke.

My first job was to pack some clothes for the baby. I picked out six “onesies,” clueless that the stay at the hospital would be measured in hours, not days. This was the beginning of a slow learning process for me. After we brought Abby home, my next job was to buy diapers. I went to the nearby Giant, walked down the aisle where the baby products are sold and picked out four packages of diapers. One for each age grouping from “1 to 3 months” to “9 to 12 months.” At the checkout stand the cashier looked at my purchases and asked how many children I had. “Just one,” was the answer. She gave me a knowing smile and said, “Don’t worry Dad, children don’t grow up that fast.”

No. It turns out they grow up much faster.

Happy 20th Birthday Abby.




6 responses to Abigail, a father’s joy


    Lovely post. Happy birthday Abby!


    Lisa Mark Hadden August 22, 2013 at 4:52 pm

    You’re becoming quite the philosopher (and mush-pot) in your old age Dave. 🙂 What a sweet birthday message for your daughter though. Happy Birthday Miss Abby! Hope it’s as special as your daddy thinks you are.



    I hear it goes quickly, mine are still young. A very nice write. -OM



    I can’t believe you were that clueless Dave! They certainly do grow up too fast though. My babies are now 26 and 28. Happy birthday to yours. 🙂


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