Love In Our Time Of Cholera

July 21, 2020 — 7 Comments

It was scheduled for July 24th in New York City.

Guests would come early and spend the night before catching a Broadway show or watching the Yankees play the Red Sox. The ceremony would be held on the shores of the East River on a cool summer evening.

And then the pandemic arrived and changed everything. 

The reception has been put off for at least a year, but not the wedding ceremony. That will happen today, with only eight in attendance.

Abby and Adam have been here for two weeks, self-quarantining in our Lake Placid home. Their isolation together is behind them, and a simple ceremony on the shores of Mirror Lake will start nine hours from now. Their close friend will conduct the ceremony, which the three have planned while spending time together in the house where the wedding will be held. 

Writing this, I remember my grandfather, a veteran of the first World War who survived the last flu pandemic, eventually married and honeymooned in the Adirondacks, like Abby and Adam will do now. I wrote about that wedding, and the advice he gave to his children, here.

I also recall the closing passage from Love in the Time of Cholera, when Fermina and Florentino, finally married, end up on a river boat carrying passengers infected with cholera. They fly a quarantine flag, perhaps like the one pictured above, and are prohibited from docking at their destination. When asked by the captain what should be done, Florentino responds “Let us keep going, going, going, back to La Dorada.”

This is how the novel ends:

When I finished that novel I never imagined that in my lifetime another pandemic would kill hundreds of thousands like when my grandfather was a little younger than Abby and Adam are now. 

But it’s happening again and, like the Captain forced to return to La Dorada, we have no choice but to try to make the best of it. 

Which is why my daughter marries the love of her life today and why my wish for her and Adam is that the journey they start today will keep going, going, going and that their life together will have no limits.

7 responses to Love In Our Time Of Cholera


    Good morning Dave. What a special day for all of you. I’m so happy you all chose to make the best of this difficult time and move forward in this lovely way. Mirror Lake seems like the perfect place for Abby and Adam to take their vows and begin their life as husband and wife. It will certainly be a day and a time to remember. It will also be a reminder that nothing, not even a pandemic, could keep them from following their dreams. The references to your parents and their similar circumstances are so touching. Your Dad’s advice and perspective is so timely now and very true.

    We will be with you in thought and spirit all day. We wish all the best to Abby and Adam and so admire their determination to follow their hearts. All our love to all of you. Have a wonderful day. We love the pictures so far and hope you’ll post more later so we can see the bride and groom.
    Cheryl, Artie, and Donna

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    Artie just pointed out to me that it was your grandparents who experienced this same difficult time. Just amazing! I always enjoy your posts Dave and thank you for sharing them.

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    Artie just pointed out to me that it was your grandparents who experienced this difficult time. Just amazing how history repeats itself. I always enjoy your posts and thank you for sharing.



    Congratulations to you all! (And how predictable that we both would love Garcia Marquez. 😊). Best wishes to you, Kathy, and the happy couple!



    Hey this is DC in North Carolina. Congrats to all and post lots of pics!!!

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    Kathy and Dave,

    What a special post. Congratulations on this profoundly important event.

    We are so happy for you, Kathy, Abby and Adam! Abby and Adam will have some stories to tell about their wedding day and everything leading up to it. We certainly live in interesting times.

    Perhaps our paths will cross in the mountains soon. We can only hope so – we miss you!


    Joan and Jon Magruder

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